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Project Documentation

To establish a greenhouse gas emission reduction project either as a CDM, a JI or a voluntary project, one requires documentation to allow for the formal registration of the project with the relevant authorities. An important part of the documentation is the Project Design Document (PDD). A PDD contains technical, financial and environmental information about the project, describes the amount of the greenhouse gas that will be reduced, describes the plans for monitoring these reductions and proves the additionality.

Writing PDDs requires in-depth knowledge of methodologies, baseline and additionality assessment, rules and guidelines issued by the Executive Board for CDM or other standards pertaining to JI and voluntary standards. Also the procedural requirements in the countries hosting the projects and the validation process prior to the formal registration process have to be understood thoroughly. It further requires proper conduct of stakeholder consultation procedures.

CVDTC has produced project documentation for more than 150 projects and is one of the global leaders in terms of successfully registered projects. We enjoy an excellent reputation among project developers and buyers, especially now the formal rules are getting more and more complex. We find ourselves being hired by buyers and project owners alike to assist in getting the more difficult projects through the final stages of a validation or to assist in responding to Request For Reviews and Reviews raised by the Executive Board of UNFCCC.

CVDTC has an experienced team with local knowledge that can evaluate documentation needs, provide substantial advice on project eligibility assist during the final and crucial stages of a validation or registration process, and therefore is able to undertake the complete development and registration process.