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CVDTC provides in-depth analysis of the carbon and carbon related markets, particularly looking at renewable energy and energy efficiency activities as the drivers of an increasing share of the project based carbon markets. The political nature of the carbon markets and their vulnerability to trends in global politics are characteristics of the market that requires long-standing experience and understanding of the drivers behind the climate change agenda as well as of the possible consequences of the potential outcomes of the post-2012 negotiations. CVDTC provides such experience and understanding enabling the CVDTC team to factor in these assessments in advice regarding project investments and interpretations of market trends and reactions.

CVDTC’s approach is not that of computer modelling as we believe that not the models, but the assumptions being made to make them function are the key to understanding the market. CVDTC has the background and skill to observe and understand the compliance markets and voluntary markets alike, to evaluate the present as a platform for the future structures, and to see the market players and their interrelations as the all-decisive input for providing a thorough analysis of the present and future carbon markets.