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With climate change setting the international agenda, more and more businesses are taking voluntary actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to their activity, in other words their carbon footprint.  Stabilizing the global temperature will require a reduction of greenhouse gasses, which consist mostly of CO2, by more than 60% over the next 30 to 40 years.

Communicating accurate and reliable information about your company’s footprint starts with quantifying your emissions and the formulation of a carbon reduction strategy. First movers will be prepared when mandatory compliance targets are introduced and will benefit from a positive corporate image and identity.

Taking advantage of our experience in the carbon market since 2004, Caspervandertak Consulting is able to bring together the expertise needed to provide a full range of carbon footprint services that are flexible and are customized to our client’s needs, from the iInitial assessment to full-fledged carbon management support services.

We offer a complete package of Carbon Footprint Management Services that is realistic, cost-effective and matches the ambitions of your organization:

• Carbon Quick Scan
• Carbon Inventory
• Carbon Reduction Measures
• Training and Awareness creation