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Emissions Reduction

Caspervandertak Consulting has a strong track record in developing carbon offset projects, ranked as a top developer globally by UNEP Risoe and a top developer in China by NDRC.

With our broad experience in technical and procedural issues that are crucial for the smooth processing, we develop greenhouse gas emission reduction projects up to and beyond their registration. We have an in-depth understanding of the key parameters of the carbon market which puts us in a position to quickly and efficiently assess projects and their viability in the CDM, JI or voluntary markets. As a matter of necessity we keep abreast of every decision and guideline issued by the UNFCCC and voluntary associations to ensure that we are continuously taking the latest developments into account.

We offer a complete package of services to secure a successful registration, issuance and marketing of the carbon offsets.

  • Project Documentation
  • Pre-Assessment & Due Diligence
  • Sustainability
  • Brokering of Carbon Credits
  • Monitoring