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Caspervandertak Consulting – A key player in carbon markets

Caspervandertak Consulting (CVDTC) has been active in the climate change market since 2004, based on the principles of quality, integrity, and reliability. The company has built up an outstanding reputation as a global service provider with a clear and in-depth understanding of the carbon market instruments, the financial arrangements and transaction types.

CVDTC mainly focuses on the development of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects. CVDTC now manages a considerable portfolio of carbon offset projects such as CDM and VER projects and to date has developed or assisted in the development of more than 100 CDM projects – from PDD writing to sales of CERs and/or VERs and support of monitoring and verification of emission reductions – and is currently ranked by UNEP Risoe as a leading global service provider in this field. CVDTC additionally provides carbon foot printing services and investment services, and provides services to most of the leading corporate players in the carbon market as well as key international institutions such as the ADB, EC and UNDP in the field of climate change.

CVDTC is registered in the Netherlands, and has an office in Beijing, China, since 2004. At the beginning of 2008, CVDTC continued with the establishment of a regional South East Asia Office in Vietnam. CVDTC is also active in the Middle East and Africa where it is developing several CDM projects.

Caspervandertak Consulting is an official partner of the 'R20 Regions of Climate Action' organization. (http://regions20.org/)